Sibling Priority 3.5 applies to those families impacted by boundary changes introduced for the 2020/2021 school year. Enrolment Priority 3.5 applies to new registrations and student transitions between elementary to middle, and middle to secondary school for English and French programs.

Families who qualify for sibling priority 3.5 were notified by email in December of 2019. These families are eligible to select Enrolment Priority 3.5 when requesting a transfer for a sibling, who’s catchment has changed as a result of the boundary review, to attend the same school as their sibling.
Parents/ Guardians self-identify their students as Indigenous and no proof of ancestry is required. The Ministry of Education defines Indigenous as: status/ non-status/ Metis/ Inuit. It includes people with ancestries from Canada only.
The Indigenous Education Department of School District 61 offers supplementary and enhanced programming that is culturally specific that incorporates Indigenous worldviews and First Peoples Principles of Learning this includes academic and social emotional wellness support as well as land based education.

The Indigenous Education Department website offers a broader explanation.

The alternate choice selections are available to provide SD 61 families the greatest accessibility to enter our Early French Immersion program.  In the event an in-catchment student is unable to attend their catchment dual track school and French Immersion is a family priority, parents are encouraged to select alternate dual track school choices.  More than one choice can be selected.

By selecting an alternate choice, you are committing to registering your child at anyone of the alternates selected should a space become available.  Please do not select an alternate choice unless you are willing to send your child to that school.

Students will always remain on their catchment dual track school’s waitlist.  Should a placement become available, the catchment seat will be offered to you irrespective of having accepted an alternate school placement.

Alternate selections are NOT considered transfer requests.